Galway To Open 350+ Job Roles: Know-How


The opening of a brand new, state-of-the-art office in Galway this week will generate over three hundred and fifty jobs for large firms in the region. Four enormous corporations will expand their operations in Galway, creating 355 new positions for people across the county. 

Hewlett Packard Enterprise, one of these companies, plans to create 150 new positions as part of an expansion at its Galway location. Ballybrit will soon host the new Global Centre of Excellence that the company is establishing for its GreenLake service. This investment, centered on edge-to-cloud technology, will provide companies with personalized solutions for improved remote data access.

As part of an extension of existing activities at the company’s Galway location, Hewlett Packard Enterprise is planning to create 150 new positions out of the total number of positions that are available.

Ballybrit will soon become the location of the new Global Centre of Excellence that the company is establishing for its GreenLake service.

The investment focuses on a technology known as “edge-to-cloud,” which allows companies to acquire individualized solutions that improve their ability to access data stored remotely. This technology provides companies with enhanced opportunities to manage and utilize their data more effectively, ensuring better performance and efficiency in their operations.

Freudenberg Medical, a company that creates and manufactures medical devices, has announced the creation of additional job opportunities. 

The Jobs To Know

The company has begun recruiting for one hundred roles at its enlarged manufacturing operation in Spiddal, and it anticipates filling the positions within the next eighteen months through the recruitment process.

At the same time, the cybersecurity service TitanHQ is looking to fill over seventy additional positions within the company. Over the course of the following two years, the positions will be made available, bringing the total number of employees working at the Salthill headquarters to more than 200. 

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At the same time, a brand new “state of the art” office has opened at Ballybrit Business Park. The information technology business Nostra will utilize this office to construct their market-leading Cyber Security Centre of Excellence.

The new expansion of Nostra, which is one of the major providers of information technology services in Ireland, will result in the creation of one hundred new jobs, fifteen of which will be located in Galway. The market of Galway is also open for traders across the globe. You can learn about trading tactics via bots like ethereum code and similar ones. 

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In order to celebrate the opening of its brand-new, cutting-edge office in Galway, the company extended a warm welcome to Simon Coveney, the current Minister for Enterprise, Trade, and Employment. 

The Future Expansion To Witness 

There will be an increase of over 250 employees throughout Ireland, the United Kingdom, Bulgaria, and South Africa as a result of the expansion, which will result in the creation of those 100 jobs with the assistance of Enterprise Ireland. Nostra will establish a digital security Centre of Excellence in the new office located in Ballybrit. 

Additionally, the company will utilize the new office to expand IT Support, Professional Solutions, and Project Management personnel to better service customers in the Western region of Ireland. According to a statement released by Nostra, the company is “one of the country’s biggest and fastest-growing IT solutions providers.” Nostra recently secured an important loan from Phoenix Equity Partners to assist it in achieving its ambitious growth goals.

These goals include increasing annual revenues from €50 million to €250 million throughout five years via both strategic purchases and organic growth.

Nostra is committed to continuing and expanding its activities in the West of Ireland, engaging with the region’s skilled workforce as it enters another phase of growth and expansion. The brand-new office is a good investment in Galway’s strong technology sector and highlights Nostra’s commitment to this goal.

The Silver Lining 

Both the local job market and the technology sector are going to undergo significant changes as a result of the expansion of large corporations in Galway. These companies include Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Freudenberg Medical, TitanHQ, and Nostra for example. Galway is rapidly becoming a centre of innovation and opportunity, as evidenced by the creation of over 350 new posts and the establishment of cutting-edge facilities such as the Global Centre of Excellence. 

Not only does this growth aid the local economy, but it also gives residents interesting opportunities for working in their chosen fields. 

Galway’s image as a vibrant and thriving digital ecosystem will further deepen as it continues to recruit top-tier companies and talent. This will allow Galway to offer chances for professional development and growth that are unmatched by any other city.