Write to future generations about COVID-19 in “Dear Galway…” project

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There’s no doubt we’re living in a unique moment in history, with people’s lives disrupted by COVID-19 at a scale and intensity that hasn’t been seen in decades, and hopefully won’t be seen for a long time again.

Galway City Museum is launching a new project to capture for future generations of Galwegians a sense of what it is, and has been, like to live through this time, in a letter from you to them.

In the “Dear Galway…” project, the museum is asking people to share their lived experience of the COVID-19 pandemic, and offer their advice on how to cope during a global crisis.

Some of the suggested topics for letters include addressing your initial feelings during the COVID-19 pandemic, or how it has affected your family, social, and work lives.

People could also talk about if they or someone they know has become sick with COVID during this time. What has been your experience responding to this disease?

Lockdown has been other big way in which this pandemic has touched almost everyone’s lives to a greater or lesser extent. How has lockdown affected you personally, your work and keeping in touch with family? How have you been passing time, and have you picked up knew skills or hobbies?

But importantly, looking to the future, what do you think you have learned from this experience that could be of use to future generations.

Participants can submit their letters by post or by email up until and including Monday, February 1 of next year.

Handwritten or typed letters can be sent via post to “Dear Galway” Project, Galway City Museum, Spanish Parade, Galway, H91 CX5P or scanned or typed letters can be emailed directly to museum@galwaycity.ie .

Anyone taking part is asked to title their letter “Dear Galway”.  This project is open to all age groups and all letters will form part of a digital archive to be made available for research purposes.

Galway City Museum remains closed to the public in line with Level 5 government guidelines regarding Covid-19.

Visitors are still welcome to explore the museum virtually at www.galwaycitymuseum.ie  and to follow museum social media channels for updates.