The guided journals helping people cope with post-lockdown anxiety

galway daily news guided journals by galway woman helping people with anxiety post-lockdown

As Ireland reopens, shopping centres are buzzing, and outdoor restaurants are being booked out. That first coffee – or pint – at an outdoor restaurant with your friends has never tasted so good. 

However, some people are still apprehensive about this emergence back to ‘normal’ society after a year and four months of lockdowns and restrictions. 

If you feel that you fit into the latter of these situations, just know you are not alone. Social anxiety is real, and Waywords Journals have some tips to help.

Having previously worked in pharmaceuticals, Wayword’s Journals creator, Maria Burke says that people cope in different ways and journaling can help tackle anxiety as pre-pandemic life begins to return.

“I have continuously explored books, courses and other tools to cope. As a pharmacist, working in retail, I became aware that everyone copes with life’s challenges differently. There’s not one prescription that will suit everyone,” explains Maria.

In 2013, Maria studied to become an Executive Coach and studied Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. She says that coaching and mentoring training put a structure on her practical learning which she uses to help people today.

“The course enabled deep conversations, I learned more tools and discovered even more about what works for people and what doesn’t.

“Everyone goes through challenges in life. Certain tools are proven to help many – journaling, writing down your thoughts, feelings and options, is one of these tools.”

Maria Burke

Although Maria acknowledges that different tools are suited to different people, her studies into the success of journaling pushed her to open the business.

“Journaling, as a method to feel better, find clarity and purpose, has stood the test of time for me,” she says.

“I find it offers a high return on investment for time and effort spent writing about thoughts, feelings, goals and dreams.”

Regarding the current climate of lockdowns easing, Maria explains how people, including herself, have grown comfortable in their environment.

“I found that during lockdowns, I came to enjoy the quieter, calmer life. Yet, life is becoming busier for everyone now that lockdowns are ending.

“Journaling is one approach to help people who are feeling less than enthusiastic about re-emerging into society.

“I have had quite a few conversations recently with people who are nervous, who don’t want to get back to being too busy, social pressure.”

Maria has written some tips on how to help people with anxiety, which you can view here. 

Asked about how customers have been benefiting from the journals so far, Maria says there has been great feedback for the business.

“It’s so nice to receive positive messages from customers saying that our journals are helping them find clarity, feel calmer, reach goals and find more joy.

Gratitude, Your Master Key to Mindset Change is our bestselling journal so far. It is a book, gratitude diary, and journal in one.

“This idea came reading various books over the years and often wishing for space to write down thoughts, feelings, and ideas in the book,” adds Maria.

Maria also explains how journaling can be daunting for someone who is not familiar with the concept, but the guided journals by Waywords are designed to make the process more comfortable.

“Our guided journals offer people the structure to reflect, increase self-awareness and find clarity. We also provide some journaling kick starters and templates to help get going with guided journaling.”

You can visit Waywords Journals website and see what they have to offer here.  Waywords Journals are also on Instagram and Facebook