STOP!! You’re making a HUGE mistake!

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Looking for a “quick fix” is your biggest mistake on your fat loss journey.

There is one thing that your fat-loss journey is not and that’s a quick process!

The human body is an amazing thing and if you teach it how to do a certain task it learns, adapts and gets fairly good at it, but this takes time (and effort).

If you’re coming from a sedentary life style making a transition to a more active life style the body has to go through a process of learning, learning how to react differently, learning how to repair and learning how to develop.

There is no set in stone time frame as to when you body learns this as everyone is individually different in their own right.

The first mistake I see as a fitness professional dealing with fat loss clients is consistency.

Following a goal based training routine and well designed nutrition plan requires time to take effect, it’s not going to happen overnight, but sticking with it and trusting your trainer and their methods is the first step to success.

Maybe you’re going it alone, you join a gym and decide to structure your own meal plan, well, another common mistake I come across in the fitness industry and talking to fat loss clients is their calorie intake being too low!

Yes you read that right you may not be consuming enough calories for your body type.

As I have already mentioned above, the human body is amazing and it knows how much energy it needs to function properly if your body does not receive the right amount of calories it begins to malfunction and store fat as “back-up” energy. 

So it may be worth while getting help from a professional, your odds of success are sure to double!

I am a Galway based Personal Trainer and Sports Nutritionist, if you are ready to start your journey and finally want to do it the right way I am available to help you reach your fitness goals today.

Stephen O’Raw