Quarantine Cocktails: The perfect fresh and simple drink to make at home

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Hi everyone, my name is Peter Moore, I’m a Derry man who has lived in various parts of the world working as a bartender.

My work has ranged from real ale pubs in Liverpool to High end cocktail bars in both New York and London.

I gained incredible life experiences and people skills throughout 12 to 13 years behind the stick.

I would like to pass on the knowledge I’ve gained in balancing the flavours of a great cocktail.

So I’m here to tell you that all drinks can be made nice and fresh at home.

If your taste for a cocktail is sweet and fruity, the key to that is having fresh fruits and it’s the same for a more sour taste.

Whereas for a drink that calls for solely all base ingredients to be alcohol only, we rely on the method of the fine balance between super dry to wet.

This is down to the main ingredient in any cocktail in the history of ever…ice.

Today for my first cocktail recipe I’m going back in time to the 1980’s.

The old favourite, The Long Island Iced Tea.

Some people may wince at this old drink but this is all for fun and simplicity with the view that everyone will be able to make this at home but now with a better balance of flavours.

Long Island Iced Tea
10mls Absolut Vodka
10mls Havana Club Blanco (try to avoid Bacardi, ruins the flavour)
10mls Cointreau (triple sec will do)
10mls Cazadores Blanco Tequila (any kind of white/silver tequila)
10mls Beefeater Gin (any kind of London dry gin will do)
10mls falernum (sugar syrup will do)
25mls fresh lemon juice
Then top up with Coca Cola

If you have a cocktail shaker at home, put all these ingredients into the shaker, minus the Coca Cola.

Add ice then shake it like a Polaroid picture.

Once shaken thoroughly, pour all ingredients into a tall glass (not a pint glass).

Then the colour should be a hazy white colour. Add the Coca Cola and serve.