Quarantine Cocktails: Make this classic drink at home with this recipe

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Hi everybody, I hope all is well with you and your family in these strange times!

My aim with these ‘Quarantine Cocktails’ is to give you a recipe that you can use as many times as you’d like at your home with your family and friends.

Maybe even share the recipe and then have a ‘Zoom/Skype’ party online all trying to mimic the recipe together.

Sort of like ‘Come dine with me’ – only less hassle and more fun! This time it could be ‘Drink online with me’.

The cocktail recipe I’m going to share with you today is an old classic.

This cocktail was not hugely popular, it was widely known, yes, but it wasn’t frequently asked for in bars around the world.

That is until Pierce Brosnan was given this now world renowned cocktail in the James Bond movie ’Die Another Day’ in 2002.

He walks up to a beach bar in Cuba and meets Halle Berry’s character ‘Jinx’.

The drink consisted of mint, lime, sugar and rum.

I am talking about of course the Mojito.

The drink sales of the mojito in the American cocktail bar scene went through the roof in the early 2000’s and it doesn’t seem like slowing down in popularity.

Given that it is almost Spring time, I thought it would be ample time to share with you a balanced recipe to make this deliciously refreshing drink.

Classic Rum Mojito:

You can also use these ingredients for a non-alcoholic mojito called a ‘Nojito’.

Instead of rum, add 60ml of apple juice.

Put all these ingredients straight into a tall glass. Mix them all together with a long thin spoon.

Then after you have stirred them all well, add crushed ice.
25ml freshly squeezed lime juice
10ml sugar syrup (you can use brown sugar yes, but you will need a muddler to grind up all the ingredients within the glass, which can be inconsistent for flavour).
A handful of mint leaves
50ml of golden rum (again try to avoid Bacardi – Havana Club Especial is my go to).
If you happen to have Angostura Bitters in the house, add one dash of that also. You don’t need to but it does help the flavour.

Now, once you have added the crushed ice, pour in soda water. Not to the top of the glass, just leave a thumbnail gap from the top of the glass.

Next, churn all the ingredients together with the aim of getting the mint covering all parts of the glass.

Top up with some more crushed ice and a dash of soda water.

Put a straw in and serve.