Knocknacarra artist captures the old and new of Galway city side by side

Galway Daily life & style Knocknacarra artist captures the old and new of Galway city at UHG exhibition

Knocknacarra artist Hilary Morley has captured the how the modern shape of Galway city lives alongside its traditional constants in a new exhibition on display at UHG.

‘Knocknacarra : Sale Agreed’ is being displayed by the Saolta Arts Trust in the Arts corridor at UHG as the latest display to nurture local talent and make the hospital a brighter, more stimulating place for patients.

Hilary Morley lives on the west side of Galway city and has seen the are hit again and again by waves of repeated house styles, commercial parks and roadways.

However that same area is buttressed by its constants: the proximity to the sea, the traditional farmlands, and the exquisite light that makes it such a great place to live for her.

She reflects this in her paintings, drawings and collage that capture suburban scenes side by side with the rural landscape.

After a career in retail and arts administration, Hilary returned to college and graduated with a BA in Fine Art in 2015 and is now a member of Engage Art Studios, Galway.

She is also a professional applied art curator, specialising in multi-disciplinary mixed-media shows and the exhibition of ceramics.

“We are delighted to present the work of Hilary Morley on the arts corridor of University Hospital Galway,” said Margaret Flannery, Saolta Arts Director.

“Hilary’s work is uniquely accessible and the theme will resonate with many patients, staff and visitors,” she added.

“The artworks bring the outside world into the hospital environment; familiar scenes from neighbouring Knocknacarra are presented in exquisitely detailed drawings, colourful paintings and novel collage.”

The Saolta Arts Trust is an outgrowth of the Galway University Hospitals Arts Trust which encouraged an arts programme at Galway’s hospitals for ten years to promote health and wellbeing.

Now spread across all the hospitals in the Saolta Group, it runs art programmes for patients and staff, as well as bringing in outside artists.

The Trust operates on the belief that art promotes well-being and enhances the hospital environment.


photo: Communion Day Digital Collage by Hilary Morley