Galway city to light up again this Christmas with festive lights display

Galway Daily new Galway city Christmas lights

Galway city will light up this Christmas as the city council has agreed plans for festive lights to decorate the city streets.

The city council has set aside €150,000 to provide “an iconic festive light and colour experience” this Christmas.

Mayor of Galway Niall McNelis said that lights “will maximise the Christmas experience in Galway and will act as beacon and attraction points across the city.”

Many business groups in the city made a joint submission to the council supporting a great display of light and colour.

Some of the groups that have been working on this include Galway City Business Association, Galway Latin Quarter, Galway Westend, Galway Latin Quarter, Woodquay Galway, and The Village Salthill.

This year’s Christmas lights will be unveiled on November 16 on the same day as the opening of the Christmas Market.

Of course, there are always some that like to get out ahead of the pack.

There was some embarrassment last week as engineers had already begun to erect Christmas lights along shop street under a contract with Galway City Business Association.

However the had to quickly take them down again, because the Macnas Halloween parade wouldn’t fit under them.