Nollaig i nGaillimh


Christmas-time in Galway—the lights have been lit, the Galway Christmas Market is in full swing, yuletide carols are indeed being sung by choirs, and the weather continues to creep colder. There is a much-anticipated spirit of the season hanging in the air as children, students, and adults alike look forward to a much-earned holiday. The streets of Galway continue to flood with tourists finished with work and school until the New Year, and the City of The Tribes does not disappoint.


Friday, the 17th of November saw the annual lighting of the city, with lights spanning from the top of Shop Street all the way down Quay Street, as well as over into Woodquay. These beautiful lights help make the early sunsets and colder weather much more bearable, and even more appreciated.


Also making a grand entrance on the 17th of November was the Galway Christmas Market, which runs until the 22nd of December from 12 pm – 8 pm Mondays to Wednesdays, and 10 am – 10 pm Thursdays until Sundays. Here, a plethora of food, drink, and crafts are for sale, including mulled wine, bratwurst, artisan cheeses, work from the Ceardlann in Spiddal, fudge, and, of course, beer at the German Bierkeller.


Another wonderful addition to the month of December are all of the choir concerts throughout the city. This past Saturday, the 2nd of December was the first concert of the season by the Galway Baroque Singers, held at the St. Augustine’s Church. December 8th sees the oratorio concert put on by the Galway Tribal Chamber Choir and the ConTempo Orchestra, also at St. Augustine’s Church, at 8 pm. Tickets for this event are €15/€10. Later this month is the IGNITE Gospel Choir’s Christmas Concert at St. Joseph’s Church on the 22nd at 8 pm and the 23rd at 4 pm. Tickets are €15/€8. Lastly, Galway Simon is hosting “Sing for Simon” at the Eyre Square Shopping Centre on the 17th of December from 11am – 7 pm; an “eight hour Christmas Carolathon” to help raise awareness and money for the homeless community of Galway.

Whether it’s a stroll through the Christmas Market for some mulled wine (a personal favourite), listening to some Christmas carols sung by choirs, stopping for a look at the many lights around the city,  or heading to the pub for a hot whisky or a lovely pint of Guinness and a few tunes, Galway seems to know the definition of holiday spirit. “It’s that time of year, when the world falls in love”. I know I have.