Fashion tips from Miss Ireland, Aoife O’Sullivan and Award winning Tina Coyne Live at Ladies Day


This afternoon, Galway Daily got a chance to get some fashion tips from the reigning Miss Ireland, Aoife O’Sullivan and award winning designer of bespoke head pieces and bridal millinery, Tina Coyne.

Tonight, at the G Hotel, Aoife O’Sullivan will be crowning the most dapper gent and judging the best headpiece from Ladies Day, the fashion focused extravaganza of the Galway Races.

Cork native Aoife O’Sullivan won last year’s  best hat competition wearing a special Elizabeth Christina design created by fellow Cork confidant Tina Coyne.

Aoife professed her love for the Galway Races, saying that this was her fourth year attending the event which draws hundreds of thousands to Galway.

“I love entering ladies day and the buzz it brings along with that little bit of competitiveness which I think is nice,” Aoife said.

She added that she was delighted at being asked to judge this year’s competition and spoke of her appreciation for Tina Coyne.

”We’ve worked as a team and we just started with giving it a go four years ago and now here we are judging and commissioning the prize peace.”

We asked Miss Ireland if she had any fashion tips for the people of Galway for the remaining few days of the festival.

Aoife stressed that wearing comfortable shoes is a must when spending a day at the races, and added that your clothes should show off your personality.

She also recommended using bold colors when it comes to summertime events, something to keep in mind as we enjoy a rare spell of sunshine.

For her part Tina Coyne that she was “honored” to have been approached by the G Hotel to commission the prize hat for the winner of this evening’s competition.

When it comes to what they are looking for when judging the best hat, she said she looks for “detail, a high standard and something different”.

The winning headpiece should be able to “stand on its own” when it enters into a room she elaborated.

For Tina that comes from “confidence, the personality that’s wearing it and just bringing your own style to it”.

She said that this is the inspiration for her business, as she looked at other styles and felt they weren’t for her .

At that point, she took the initiative to offer something unique, “If you look to what Aoife is wearing here right now it’s my signature style and we can see her all over the racecourse.”

It might be Ladies Day, but we also asked what steps the men could take to be crowned as the dapper gent in the G Hotel’s other competition this evening.

Aoife O’Sullivan advised the men to wear their clothes with confidence while wearing something with “character” and a “bit of color”.

She also stressed the importance of the “small details” such as the watch chain and handkerchief.

The event begins tonight at 7pm at the G Hotel with Tina advising to get down early to get a good seat.