Darren’s Diary – Kicking The Habit (Day 7) – Monday, 26th February 


I don’t mind telling ye – I’m absolutely wrecked!  I don’t know if it’s all the travelling yesterday, the stressful morning, the busy weekend or even a lack of nicotine.  But I am absolutely shattered. 

I think I’ve been away with the fairies all day.  Even doing the school run tomorrow, I turned the wrong way at the head of the road before realising my mistake.  I could imagine explaining to Kate’s mother why I brought her back to Ballinasloe instead of school.

Funnily enough, Kate is normally quick to spot these mistakes but she was in her own world too.  I think we just were having a tired Monday start.

After I wrote last night, I headed straight into a checkpoint.  Now it was just the tax and insurance on the window but met the politest guard ever.  He asked kindly could he check my windscreen before doing it and sending me on my way.  Don’t think No would have been an option but it is nice to be nice.

Felt the journey home which is unusual after a winning day.  Needed to make two stops to clear the head and when I saw Athlone, decided it was a trip to Taughmaconnell and Sinead spoiled me with coffee and sandwiches.  Am blessed must say.

Thankfully, my recordings are OK we rescued everything that was fearing lost yesterday.  Would have broken my heart as there’s a lot of stuff – especially from the Sarsfields and Athenry camps ahead of Sunday’s big games.



Speaking of which, and this will be a diary exclusive because it’s not being announced until tomorrow but Galway Bay FM are going to be doing a preview show on Friday night ahead of the All-Ireland finals.  Have to go organise guests tomorrow so if you’re from either club, prepare for a phone call 🙂.

Going to be a crazy week as I look set to head to Mullingar on Thursday for Presentation Tuam’s All-Ireland Schools Ladies Football Semi-Final.  And possibly a christening on Saturday providing I’m off.  Sports reporting can be a hindrance to weekend activities but it usually works out well.

Now, this ‘Beast From The East’ could scupper everyone’s plans and from Wednesday, we’ll be following Met Eireann meticulously again to see if a RED alert will have us grounded.  Everyone’s dropping it into sentences.  Even John Millane mentioned it twice yesterday during the Kilkenny/Tipperary game.

I thought it was a WWE wrestling preview.  It has the potential to be bad (and annoying).  Obviously, we all hope it doesn’t.  Like, it is March come Thursday.  But I’d hate for it to interfere with the camogie on Sunday.  Preparing for an All-Ireland Final is a massive event and postponements can easily knock teams.



But with all that rambling, or chatting, it never even crossed my mind about having a cigarette today.  I couldn’t even say I had a half decent craving even if I did take one gum earlier today.  We won’t get carried away but it’s the first day where the thought of smoking was never really contemplated.

Of course, the body is making sounds concerning its new status.  That’s to be expected and there’ll be a few more testing days.  But on a Monday (a computer day) and even with my tiredness or occasional lack of focus, a 20 pack hasn’t been banging on the door telling me it’s offering deals that clean air can’t.

I’m starting to feel like a non-smoker but keep it a secret for the time being.

Now, I’ve dinner on and then see where my mood takes me for the night.  Going to be a busy Tuesday if I rest up tonight.  But then again, a good night’s rest could be the perfect solution.

When I wake up in the morning, I’ll be officially one week off the cigarettes.  And that’s sweet!  If anyone is humming about quitting, DO!  Just find an outlet to express yourself and it gets easier.  This diary has been mine and the messages have made me stronger.

Delighted so far but it feels like just the first game of the league, haven’t won any trophies yet.  Chat tomorrow.