Controversial plans to rename Galway City landmarks

Galway Daily Controversial plans to rename Galway City landmarks

Galway City council have accepted a proposal from An Pucan Bar on Forster St at their most recent council meeting. The controversial proposal will see many of Galway’s most famous landmarks being renamed after local companies in an attempt to promote recovery local business post covid.

It has been agreed to rename the heart of the city An Pucan Square with the bar’s branding to be prominently displayed throughout the location.

The trial which kicks off from today will also see a host of name changes including Dough Bros Docks, Quay Dental Street and Galway Hooker Cathedral.

Bilingual signage will be erected in each location in addition to a significant social media campaign headed up by Don Keigh on behalf of the City Council, a similar scheme is being tried in Bray with great success.

The Pennyes Prom, Supermacs Diving Tower, Wolf and West End, Residence Hotel Racecoure are some of the other names which were selected by the Renaming Task Force lead by April Dafirst.

As we know the past year has been like no other for business so if we can raise the profile in an innovative and creative way then the entire city can benefit.

Kirwins Lane Restaurant Lane, Hyde Bohermore and Eir Square just didn’t quiet work but proposals are still being accepted until the end of the month. Suggestions can be emailed to