Artists can capture the sky with Galway Arts Centre astronomy residency

Galway Daily life & style Galway Arts Centre offering four artists residencies for important astronomy anniversary

Galway Arts Centre is inviting applicants for a special artist residency working with the NUI Galway Centre for Astronomy up to 2020.

NUI Galway Centre for Astronomy is coordinating Making Space as part of the Royal Astronomical Society’s bicentennial celebrations (RAS 200) in the lead up to and including 2020.

July 2019 will also mark the 50th anniversary of the first time humans walked on the moon.

A number of community, science, and arts projects will be taking place across Galway city and county to mark these historic anniversaries.

Making Space is a multi-layered astronomy project that kicked off this year and will culminate in a series creative events and exhibitions that will celebrate astronomy in 2019 and 2020.

Scientists and artists in residency will work work together to create new research and artworks to put on exhibit next year.

NUIG and Galway Arts Centre will provide a two month studio residency to four artists, where they will be partnered with a researcher from NUIG’s Department of Astronomy.

Their work will be displayed at a free exhibition over the course of July – August 2019 at Galway Arts Centre.

The closing date for applications to the Making Space artist in residency is January 3.

NUI Galway Centre for Astronomy has eight active astronomers studying all the things to be seen in the sky.

Black holes in the centres of distant galaxies, rapidly rotating neutron stars called pulsars, the formation of stars and planets, and the hunt for new celestial bodies within our own solar system.

As well as these avid star watcher the Centre has an active instrumentation group which develops new instruments and ways of seeing for giant telescopes.

Any artist who wants to apply for one of these residencies should e-mail with their CV and bio, an artist’s statement, portfolio, and a proposal for why you want to take part in this residency.

This is the only project in Ireland to join four others from the UK to have received RAS 200 awards.