5 Health Benefits of Massage Oils


The market for massage oils is estimated to rise to an incredible $8.1 billion USD by 2031, so their popularity is certainly showing no signs of waning.

As of September 2022, there are more than 104,838 certified massage therapists employed in the United States, with plenty of work on offer.

Anyone suffering with body aches, migraines, muscle tension, poor circulation, or stress will benefit from a massage. Benefits include physical relief and relaxation, a chance to emotionally unwind and an improved sleep cycle, all of which are particularly valuable for improving our day-to-day health and functioning.

However, there are some great health benefits of massage oils, too.

Five Health Benefits of Massage Oils

They Nourish the Skin

Massage oils are designed to be gentle on the skin, but they can also be incredibly nourishing. Oils that include vitamin D are particularly great because they rejuvenate the skin by encouraging collagen to reproduce, counteracting signs of tiredness and dryness. Additionally, massage oils lock in moisture, boosting skin’s radiance. Using an oil during massage is the perfect way to relax both your body and your skin.

They Have Relaxing Aromas

Though the main purpose of massage oils is to reduce friction between hands of the masseuse and the client’s skin, there are also health benefits to the relaxing aromas, which typically include lavender, bergamot, chamomile and Aloe Vera. When your olfactory senses are stimulated by a relaxing scent, they tell your brain to relax in response, which can help you unwind, release mental stress and fall asleep more easily.

They Make it Easier to Target Aches and Pains

As previously stated, massage oils work wonders for reducing friction. They soak into the skin and allow the masseuse’s hands to glide over the client’s body, working more fluidly against aches, pains, tension and tightness in the joints. Body aches take their toll on your general health, so using massage oils is the best way to work them out and find physical relief.

They Fight Inflamation

Inflammation is often the result of soreness in the body, reproducing itself as visible redness on the skin. Massage oils that are rich in vitamin C are particularly good anti-inflammatories because vitamin C is an antioxidant that neutralises damage to your skin’s cells, relieving inflammation. Not only do anti-inflammatory massage oils improve redness, they also target the source of the irritation.

They Improve Circulation

Your skin cells need a regular supply of oxygen to function correctly, so those who suffer from poor circulation need to take extra measures to improve it. Getting a massage with oils is a fantastic option because the lubrication allows the masseuse to massage more closely, stimulating blood-flow. When circulation improves, feelings of numbness or weakness improve as well.

Those are the 5 main benefits of using massage oils, and there are plenty more to experience. Massages are designed to be the ultimate pain-relievers, so if you are having any issues with your skin, joints, circulation, or mental wellness, you should consider getting one. Massage oils are a natural addition because of their vitamins, aromas, lubrication and other wellness factors. After using them once, you’ll notice an immediate difference that will make you wonder why you haven’t already been relishing the wonderful health benefits of massage oils.