Your simple guide to the game of Slingo


Since gaming made its move from land-based casinos to online ones we’ve seen even more variants of classic games spring up. One of the biggest is the fusion game Slingo, which combines the core gameplay of Bingo with elements of Slots.

Whether you’re more familiar with Bingo or Slots, Slingo brings together these two very different games to create something that’s both familiar and fresh. Our simple guide to the game will set out the basics of Slingo Bingo online so read on if you’re looking to learn more.

What is Slingo?

Starting at the very beginning, Slingo is a fusion game that brings together features from Bingo and Slots. It was created in the 90s by Sal Falciglia, a US real estate developer who was inspired by TV gameshows.

The core of Slingo is very similar to Bingo, with players aiming to mark off as many numbers as possible from a 5×5 grid. Lines can be completed horizontally, vertically, or diagonally, with each completed line adding a multiple to the potential payout. 

Where Slots come into the equation is in how the players are presented with numbers. A line of reels sits below the grid, with each of them lining up with one of the five vertical columns. With each spin, players have the potential to mark off a number in each column, depending on what comes up on the reels.

The game ends either when the player gets a full house – marking off all 25 numbers – or when the set number of spins is up.

Slingo’s spin on the Bingo formula

One major way that Slingo differentiates itself from the classic gameplay of Bingo is the fact that players won’t just see numbers on the reels.

Similar to many slot games, there are a range of extra symbols that can show up on a spin and impact the player’s game. Some are beneficial while others are very much not.

Jokers allow players to mark off any number of their choice in the corresponding column. Devils are their opposite, taking up the space of a number on the reel and stopping players from getting a match on that column for that spin.

Some games also feature free spin symbols, which add an extra spin to the total number and give players an additional chance to complete lines or even get a full house.

This is quite different from the kind of gameplay you’d see in a Bingo game, adding an extra element of randomness and variability with the inclusion of traditional slot game features.

Even more Slingo twists

Slingo has come a long way in the last couple of decades, moving from Sal Falciglia’s physical form to the online variations we see today. Developers have taken the basics of Slingo to make further twists of their own, adding in further gameplay elements and even theming.

Whether it’s a game of classic Slingo or something with a twist like Monopoly Slingo, there are plenty of variants of Slingo on offer today.

There’s always more to explore about Slingo, but that about covers the basics of this chance-based game!