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Thanks to the regulation of betting in Ireland, sports bettors in Galway have been having a field day. And how could they not? After all, the favorable gambling environment has led to an increase in sports betting sites Ireland which has afforded punters a variety of options. Most have ditched their physical bookies and opted to place their bets online. Why has this change occurred, and what benefits await those who follow suit?

Benefits of Online Gaming

People cite different reasons relating to their preference for online gaming. Some are happy to do away with physical bookies who often cut a huge commission from their winnings. Others cannot believe gambling can be this easy and fun and are enthralled with the convenience of it all. Let’s consider some of the most mentioned perks:

1. It Is Convenient

Think about what gambling was like back in the day before the internet was as big as it is now. People had to rely on physical bookies to place wagers. And, of course, that had various limitations regarding time, location, payouts, etc. Online betting solves all these issues in the following ways:

  1. It is available from your smart device: Bookies have optimized their websites to load on desktops, mobile phones, and tablets. So, all you need is an internet connection, and you can place wagers without involving a third party. Some sites now have mobile apps, which significantly eases the staking process.
  2. It is accessible 24/7: You possibly could not wake up at 3 pm and call your bookie to place a bet. They would likely be sound asleep, and you would need to wait till the next day to act on your hunch. But with online betting, you can place a stake anytime you wish before the game starts. And if the website offers live betting, you can place a wager as the game ensues.
  3. It is fast: It takes seconds to place a wager. All you need is to have enough money in your account. Once you make your picks and confirm your selection, the system automatically accepts your wager. That is much more convenient than waiting in line to talk to a bookie about your prospective bets.
  4. You get paid online: Most websites feature many payment methods. While some primarily deal with card payments, most have evolved to accept e-wallet payments, and some even accept crypto as a payment method. It has eased the deposit and withdrawal options by reducing the time spent and cutting back on the costs incurred.

Let’s not also forget that the location is also ideal. While some people would have had trouble accessing bookies in the past because they lived far from the bookies, that is no longer an issue. You can instantly access tens of bookies with a phone and internet connection!

2. It Is Cheap

Have you ever noticed how cheap online bets are? Online bookies do not incur much in the way of overheads. Once they have their systems up and running, a team to deal with queries, and an IT team, they are good to go. And this translates to various monetary rewards for the punters as follows:

  1. Rewards and Promotions: The sports betting industry has attracted many bookies and punters to the scene. And the more bookies available, the more choices punters have. Bookies are now trying to gain traction in the industry by offering rewards to anyone who plays with them. Examples include no-deposit bonuses, deposit bonuses, loyalty bonuses, etc. Under these schemes, punters can place bets for free or get additional cash to use in their wagers. And this results in lower capital investment and a higher profit margin.
  2. Low Buy-Ins: Bookies try to access people at all income levels. So, they accept all sorts of bets from as low as one Euro. Thus, a punter can build a good bankroll having started with a small amount, as low capital investment is no longer an impediment to success.
  3. No Commute Costs: Besides internet costs, punters don’t need to pay for other expenses related to placing wagers. That has dramatically reduced the betting cost burden for most people who now opt to place bets online solely.

If you are an avid bettor, look for sites that offer loyalty bonuses. That will help you get extra cash to play with over time.

3. It Is Extensive

If you use a physical bookie, you will have no option but to bet on the events they cover. Most bookies are only willing to cover major games like football. But with online betting, you can access various sports and different markets, which allows you to maximize the profitability of your wagers. For example, you can bet on a tennis match in Australia when you are in Galway. Or you can place a bet on a basketball game taking place in Nicaragua.

The sports world is vast and online bookies have played their part in enabling punters to access markets they did not know existed. Besides, the odds online are much better than what you would get offline. So, it’s much easier to build your bankroll as you can make higher profits with each correct prediction.

Per the gambling laws in Ireland, bookies operating in the region should have the relevant licenses to offer their services. While you can still access sites that don’t have such permits, doing so can be to your detriment. It’s always advisable to rely on bookies with some oversight as they will hardly ever infringe on your rights.