Top Facts About Microsoft MS-900 Exam: Explore Them with Practice Tests

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Microsoft MS-900 is the only exam that the candidates need to pass to earn the Microsoft 365 Certified: Fundamentals certification. This is a foundational-level credential that validates one’s knowledge of the benefits and considerations for adopting Software as Service and Cloud services in general.

The applicants will be required to demonstrate their ability to recommend business solutions that focus on core IT challenges in the organizations. They will also be evaluated based on their ability to distinguish Microsoft 365 solutions from others in the market.

Before you schedule and take the Microsoft MS-900 ExamTopics MS-700 VCE, you need to be aware of some important facts. Let’s look at them.


  • It is not a mandatory prerequisite for any advanced-level certification


Jordyn L says, You don’t need to earn Microsoft 365 Certified: Fundamentals to pursue any other from the Associate level. The MS-900 exam is aimed at the individuals looking to validate their foundational-level knowledge of Cloud services. If you already have work experience in this domain, you don’t have to take this test. You can go ahead to sit for the one from the associate-level certification path.

  • It offers a valuable certification

Author: Lillian X  says, Microsoft MS-900 is a 150-minute test with 60 questions that you need to clear to get 700 points. If you achieve at least this score, you will get certified. Obtaining the associated certification for the MS-900 exam comes with a lot of benefits. The Microsoft badges are highly valuable, so having one on your resume is a sure way to get noticed by the employers. If you don’t have any experience in the IT field, the certificate can make up for the lack of experience, which will increase your chance of getting hired.

  • It is not difficult but you may still fail it

Liliana J says, Many people believe that since Microsoft MS-900 is not a difficult test, it should be easy to pass. This is a wrong assumption because you need to study anyway to get the passing score. For a start, the Microsoft exams are not easy to pass without preparation. However, if you prepare wisely, you can rest assured of success in the test. In case you don’t take it at your first attempt, you have the grace to retake it after 24 hours. If you don’t pass it after the second try, you should wait for 2 weeks before you can go for the ExamSnap MS-700 Managing Microsoft Teams Practice Test Questions one more time. For every retake, you need to pay the fee, which is $99.

  • It can be passed with the help of exam dumps

To increase your chance of success in this certification test, it is recommended that you use exam dumps to prepare for it. Braindumps are the real exam questions with answers. Using this resource for preparation ensures that you get familiar with the format and possible questions that you might face with. You may also find some questions in the delivery of your test. You can also use practice tests to evaluate your knowledge while using other tools for your preparation.


The Microsoft MS-900 ExamSnap Offer doesn’t require that you have any previous experience. It is a foundational-level test that doesn’t come with any prerequisites. With the right study materials and attention to the exam details, you can surely pass it and earn your certificate. So, don’t neglect thorough preparation and just do it!