How to use slot bonuses wisely 


Are you new to online casinos and have no idea how to actually use the bonuses they offer to your advantage? Have you ever wondered just how much money you can win from playing with bonuses from online casinos but have never used them effectively enough to find out?

Casino goers are always looking for the best casino bonus to get a leg up on their competition. It can be difficult, though, to know which bonuses offer the most value and which ones will just take your hard-earned money without giving you anything in return.

Casinos bonuses are a way for casinos to incentivise new players and entice them with extra money. They come in the form of promotions, deposit offers, or even free play. Choosing which bonus is best to play can be difficult because there is no real set standard for what each means. As a casino goer you might not know which casino bonus to choose, so here is how to choose the best one. 

No deposit bonuses

When it comes to bonuses that are offered to you at an online casino, they come in a variety of forms, and one of the best and most popular ones you will come across are no deposit bonuses. No deposit bonuses are exactly what they sound like. They are bonuses that you receive without having to deposit anything into your account beforehand. 

These bonuses are typically more common when it comes to welcome bonuses as a way to incentivise new players to come and play at their casino. Such casinos can be found online while searching through websites like Casino Reviews which offers relevant information to New Zealand gamblers regarding bonuses, and their featured casino Captain Spins welcomes new players with a fantastic bonus package. The welcome bonus is pretty huge and unique and that certainly makes this casino stand out even more. 

Some no deposit bonuses are better than others, but if you are new to online casinos and just want to try them out to see if you like them, no deposit bonuses might be your best option because they don’t require any money on your part in order to play them.

Matched bonuses

Another very popular kind of bonus at varying different online casinos is the matched bonus. This one is great because essentially you get to choose the bonus you get. A matched bonus is where you deposit a certain amount into your account and the casino will match that in money that you can use to bet on games of your choice. This money can’t be withdrawn, but it can be played with. Obviously the more you put in your account the bigger the bonus you will get. 

Online casinos make use of bonuses like this as a way to encourage users to put more money into their account which they can then be encouraged to spend on the various different games. 

Free spins

A very commonly found bonus among all the different casinos is free spin. Basically, the idea behind these is that you will get a number of free spins on the slots. Slots are typically a game where people lose more than they win because there is no skill or strategy involved meaning it is all a game of chance. This is a great way for casinos to encourage people to play the slots and become drawn in by their entertainment factor.   

These bonuses are usually in conjunction with other kinds of bonuses like free rounds at table games, or even free money to bet on games of your choosing. 

Deposit bonuses

Opposing that of no deposit bonuses, deposit bonuses actually require you to deposit a minimum required amount of money not your account before you can receive the bonus. Typically, these bonuses are a bit better than no deposit bonuses and give you a bit more bang for your buck because you are practically guaranteed to continue playing in order to not waste your money. 

Other things to consider

There is something that everyone needs to consider and remember when choosing the right online bonus and the one that will give them the most pay off and this is the wagering requirement. Of course, everything good has to come with some kind of catch. A wagering requirement is an amount of money that you need to bet in order for you to receive the winning from the bonus. These wagering requirements usually have a time limit to them too making them a bit more difficult to achieve. When choosing the right bonus, you need to make sure that it is one that has a small wagering requirement with a large time limit in order for you to effectively complete it.