Finding a Trusted Betting Site

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Betting is one of the activities most people find fun and enjoyable, given that you don’t lose every time you bet. However, when it comes to online betting, the question of whether the site used is trustworthy keeps ringing in the mind of every gambler because money is involved. However, I can confidently say that most online betting sites are safe, secure, and, most importantly, trustworthy. In an estimate, for the 999 times you will use these sites to bet, you won’t encounter any problem at all. You will realize that your personal and financial details are well secured, your winning bets are paid upfront, and in full, and in case of any issue, the team resolves it fast and efficiently. However, because it is human nature to be more cautious about their hard-earned money, we have recommended six betting sites for you because we believe they are safe and trustworthy. 


This is one of the biggest bookmakers in the CIS countries, offering their new customers an impressive welcome offer of about £100. The site offers you everything you need in the gambling world under one roof, such as financial markets, casino games, and sports betting. Megapari another thing that makes this site trustworthy is that it allows the users to deposit as little as £1 or the same in another currency. For the keen and betting enthusiast, they will understand that most casino games cannot accept a low deposit or even under £10 for a start. The site is known for offering sports betting and an opportunity to chat with fellow fans and get advice and recommendations from professionals. 


  1. You can deposit as low as £1
  2. It is found in many countries
  3. It supports a lot of games and sports events, and therefore you can never miss your favourite sport


  1. It offers few casino bonuses
  2. It has an offshore license


This bookie is the world’s favourite online sports betting sites, and this is because the company was able to raise gross revenue of about £3 billion. Worldwide, the site has about 45 million betting accounts, a factor that shows that this site is the world’s famous site. Factors that make this the best for you in terms of trustworthiness include;

  1. Licensing
  2. Software security
  3. Fairness
  4. Responsible gaming
  5. Ladbrokes

We know that most people have heard that this betting site is the leading among all but what most people do not know is that this site partners with the Coral site. The two merged in 2016, and therefore anything that is mentioned about the reliability and security of the Coral site will automatically apply to Ladbroke and vice versa.


  1. Licensing
  2. Software security
  3. Responsible gaming
  4. Fairness

The company is licensed and regulated by well-respected bodies, and it takes all the security and safety responsibilities seriously. 


Coral is more similar to Bet365 in terms of trustworthiness and reliability. The company is of UK origin, but unlike Bet365, it is much older, having its roots going back to the 1920s. Below are the sites reliability factors;


This bookmaker ticks all the boxes everyone is looking for when it comes to reliability and security in areas that matter the most. Betway has made history in making clean records such that only positive and good things can be heard from it. All the reliability factors such as fairness, licensing, responsible gaming, and software security are checked. The company has robust security and verification protocols complying with the regulations set in place by the European economic area. The use of top-level encryption makes it possible for the protection of personal and financial data. 


This is a global online betting site with all the right boxes in check, just like the other betting sites on this list. This site’s origin is Scandic but still accepts customers from all over the world, making it a site with many licensing and commitments. The company operates different brands in different areas of betting. This company’s licensing is 90% legitimate, and software security is also top with 90% assurance of protection. Responsible gaming is analyzed to be 88%, and finally, fairness is at 100%. This means that these four essential boxes are all in check and the right position. Given the fact that the company originates from Scandia, Scandinavian ethos such as trust, fair play, and integrity remain to be its center play. 

To sum up, the famous dating phrase “There is plenty of fish in the sea” applies to the case of the online sports betting world. Similarly, one has to wade in a lot of trash in the sea to find gold; a sports enthusiast has to go through many trouble figuring out which the best sports betting site is. Luckily for these individuals, we have many gaming providers that offer high-quality services for online sports betting. The list above includes some but not all legitimate and trustworthy online betting sites but contains the best of the best. You can never go wrong with any of the above betting sites in terms of safety and trustworthiness.