Esport in Galway — Where to Hang Out?


Long renowned for its rich cultural heritage and booming arts scene, Galway is also becoming a hotspot for esports, the competitive world of video gaming. Thanks to a growing community of gamers, developers, and investors. 

So, whether you’re a hardcore gamer looking for the best odds on SC2 matches to beat competitors or are just curious about this fast-paced universe, Galway boasts various venues and events that cater to any level of interest. From octane festivals to university gaming societies, the city has a perfect spot for you.

Top Spots to Chill as an Esport Enthusiast in Galway

The dynamic world of esports in Galway offers multiple opportunities to hang out with other enthusiasts and have a fun experience.


One of the most anticipated events for gamers in Galway is GamerFest, Ireland’s biggest gaming and esports festival. Since its inception in 2017, the event has welcomed over 25,000 visitors to its conventions across the country. 

The festival features esports competitions, special guests, live stages, and virtual reality experiences, among others. It’s an excellent spot to check out the latest games and technology, meet favourite content creators, and explore a career in gaming. 

GamerFest 22

GamerFest 22 is held at the Galmont Hotel and is another significant event in Galway. It’s dubbed the biggest gaming convention in the west of Ireland, promising an awe-inspiring celebration of entertainment. 

As an attendee, you can try out the latest blockbuster titles and meet famous YouTubers. Typically, there are various activities to enjoy, not to forget the excellent networking opportunities.

Life Style Sports

If you’re searching for the newest apparel and accessories, Life Style Sports is your go-to destination. Stocking a wide range of products from Nike, Adidas, and other top brands, the spot caters to all esport lifestyle needs.

Shop for the best performance wear to remain comfortable during gaming marathons or high-quality fan merchandise to support your favourite teams. Whatever you get, the vibrant atmosphere is a great chance to connect with fellow fans. 

Online Gaming Communities

Galway’s esport scene thrives, with various platforms hosting communities for gamers. Social media groups on Facebook, Twitter, and Discord are always buzzing with discussions, event announcements, and new playing tips. These virtual spaces allow gamers to connect, share experiences, and organise online and offline sessions.

Some forums and websites are also dedicated communities. They offer a space for gamers to discuss strategies, share news, and form teams for online play. With the rise of esports, many such communities also follow and discuss professional tournaments.

University Gaming Societies

Galway’s Universities are more than academics; they’re also a haven for esport lovers. For example, the University of Galway boasts engaging societies, including the Video Game Society (VGS) and Compsoc, that bring together students with a passion for gaming.

  • VGS—this group was founded in 2017 and has consistently brought video games to everyone through various events, collaborations, and meetups. 
  • Compsocfor the tech men, Compsoc focuses on gaming, programming, robotics, and hacking. It’s the oldest computer-related society in Ireland. Benefits to members include access to private networks, server space, and tech-related events, including Linux Server tutorials and LAN game sessions.
  • Esport Society ATSU—satisfy your curiosity and meet other esport fans online and on-campus through this ATSU group. Try virtual reality, split-screen games, and LAN parties—or just talk to others. The Discord channel provides relevant information, including current and upcoming events and updates.

Hang Out and Have Fun at Various Galway Esport Venues

Galway offers various opportunities to meet like minds and enjoy games together. Whether you prefer to do so digitally or face-to-face, there are multiple options to explore. Attend the festivals for feverish entertainment, buy gear and meet others, or enjoy LAN hangouts at your fingertips. There’s fun everywhere you look!