Saturday – Children’s Folk Tales book launch

Folk Tales book cover

West of Ireland Folk Tales for Children Book Launch – Saturday, Feb 3
2:30pm, Galway City Library

Who knows the true nature of Knockma? What is God’s new policy? What happened when the boy encountered a pooka? And what became of the soldier wounded in body and soul?

This book contains the most thrilling of the West of Ireland’s tales of immortals, fairies, fantastical creatures, witches, skeletons, spirits and headless bodies. These stories – specially chosen to be enjoyed by 7- to 11-year-old readers – burst with adventure and excitement, magic and mystery. As old as the mountains, forests and sea, these well-loved stories are retold in all their mythical glory by local storyteller Rab Fulton.

WEST OF IRELAND FOLK TALES FOR CHILDREN will be launched in Galway City Library at 2.30pm on Saturday. Written by acclaimed Galway storyteller and author Rab Fulton, with fantastical pictures by Marina Wild, the book is packed with the illustrated adventures of all sorts of magical beings.

To celebrate the launch Rab will be telling tales and reading extracts from the book. Signed copies of the book can be bought at a discount rate. All welcome!