Monday – An Alternative to Fast Fashion talk

alternative to fast fashion

An Alternative to Fast Fashion talk
Monday, March 26 @ 7pm
The Secret Garden, 4 William Street West
Free entry

Michaela Peters from the Nu Wardrobe is the guest speaker for the March 2018 Green Drinks Galway event. Michaela will give a talk about the Nu Wardrobe and then take questions from the audience. The talk is organised by local environmental group Transition Galway and takes place at the Secret Garden, William Street West, Galway City. All welcome!

Before Michaela’s talk, we will have a short 15 minute recycling demonstration from Emma Court. Recycling Ambassador Emma Court will show you what you can recycle in your household bin in this free interactive workshop. Emma is part of Voice Ireland’s Recycling Ambassador Programme. The Recycling Workshops are being offered to help people improve Ireland’s recycling rates and reduce levels of contamination in household recycling bins. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how to get your your recycling bin sorted. See for more details of the programme.

The Nu Wardrobe is a female-led, sustainable fashion start-up, based in Dublin. They aim to create a sustainable and ethical alternative to the fast fashion industry.

In September 2017 they launched Ireland’s first online clothes-sharing platform. Members can borrow and share their wardrobe through the Nu network meaning you will save money and reduce waste!

The Nu Wardrobe also run events with creative new ideas and alternatives to fast fashion such as swap shops, panel discussions, documentary screenings, and upcycling workshops.

What they say: “By borrowing, swapping, thrifting, renting or vintage shopping you still experience the same wonderful rush of wearing a brand new outfit.

We’re about establishing a community of people who believe there is a better way- a way of dressing that doesn’t harm our planet and doesn’t exploit millions of garment workers.
We believe you can be ethical without breaking the bank. We are about sharing and swapping, repairing and redesigning, investing in high quality ethically made pieces and renting clothes for short periods rather than everyone having an extensive individual wardrobe. We are about solidarity with garment workers in their struggle for a living wage, and support ethical and environmentally sustainable brands.

However, we are not all doom and gloom and guilt – we are optimistic and believe that together we can and will do better. We are about our creative, innovative and fun events – because ethical is the new black.”

Michaela Peters is undertaking a Masters in NUIG entitled Environment, Society and Development. She is also a Brand Ambassador for the Nu Wardrobe.

Green Drinks Galway is a series of free public talks about environmental issues where a guest speaker gives a short talk and then takes questions from the audience.

Tea, coffee, other drinks and snacks are available at the venue. Green Drinks are organised in over 670 cities around the world and it allows people with an interest in green issues get together to chat, share ideas and raise a cup/glass to a brighter future. Green Drinks Galway has been organised by Transition Galway since 2011. See: