Irish Writers Union creative writing workshop to take place this month

Trí Plean Teanga Ceadaithe - Galway Daily

The Irish Writers Union will hold a writing workshop in Galway later this month.

The creative writing workshop will be held in the Westside Library, Seamus Quirke Rd, on Saturday, 27 July.

It will focus on short stories and will last for a full day.

Afterwards, each attendee will submit their short story to the facilitator and it will be critiqued.

The workshop shall be delivered by published novelist and playwright Phil Mac Giolla Bháin, who is also co-chairperson of the IWU.

Phil Mac Giolla Bháin is the author of Downfall: How Rangers FC Self Destructed, a book about the demise of Rangers Football Club.

The cost of the workshop is a nominal twenty euro and places are limited.

It is free to Irish Writers Union members. You can book your place by contacting