Galway Pride 2019 kicking off the weekend in style

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GALWAY DAILY with @GalwayCommunityPride

Kicking off the Galway Community Pride weekend with a bang Friday will see events that challenge the gender binary and embrace our trans and non-binary friends.

Galway Community Pride said: “This year and every year we show a strong message of support, activism, and solidarity with trans and non-binary members of the community and we will always stand with them.”

At 4pm Galway Pride will be running a Trans Safe Space. This is a closed space so shoot the Committee a quick message on any social media or email to get the location details.

It’s okay to ask for the location and not go, and it’s okay to get a friend to ask for you. Allies are welcome and if you want to bring a friend/partner you are more than welcome to.

Galway Pride’s volunteer coordinator Yan Keane said: “The Trans Safe Space is important because it gives the Trans community, those questioning their gender and allies an accepting space to come together and celebrate trans people.

“I know from personal experience the importance of these spaces in bolstering the resilience needed for daily living in a world that is often less than accepting of trans people.”

Moving then to the Galway Arts Centre, Galway Pride will host a Beyond the Binary panel discussion which will see non-binary members of the community platformed to discuss a widerange of issues from their perspectives and lived experiences.

Friday night will also see Galway Pride do what it does best with a double feature in the Róisín Dubh of a Comedy Show and DJ afterparty. The Comedy Show will see Dave McSavage headline a great night of comics including Therese Cahill, MJ stokes, Micháel Kierans, along with MC for the night Paul David Murphy.

And of course it wouldn’t be Pride without a bit of drag which will be provided by Alexi STRANGE, Destiny Fairchild & Dylan Jordan.

Keeping the Pride going all night long the DJ Afterparty in the Róisín Dubh will be a fantastic gathering for all of the community.