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Plenty of people find themselves stuck in a job, or even winding down a career path they don’t enjoy, simply because they don’t know what else to do.

There’s plenty of reasons for this. It’s a good paycheck, the job market sucks, or just because they don’t know what they want to do or how to get there.

JobChanger is a company that specialises in helping people find the career path they want to be on, and taking the necessary steps to find themselves walking it.

In a recent survey they conducted, 55% of respondents said that they felt dissatisfied with how they were valued at work.

And at last year’s Jobs Expo here in Galway, over a third of people said they’re looking for new work.

Working somewhere you don’t enjoy, somewhere that bores or stresses you, can lead to all kinds of health problems down the line such as lack of sleep, gaining weight, or alcohol problems.

It’s no good for an employer either as people who don’t feel appreciated or invested in their work, who don’t think there’s any room for advancement, just aren’t going to give it their all.

JobChanger are holding a workshop at the Connacht Hotel next month to help people who feel stuck in a rut find what they’re passionate about and make that work for them.

Over the course of the one day programme participants will come to understand why people leave their jobs and switch career tracks altogether.

Then look to their own passions, skills and strengths and see where they can use those in the job market, or what niche they could carve out.

On the industry side of things the programme also cover topics like how to progress upwards in a career path, what’re the first steps involved in switching careers, and how to become self-employed.

The programme is led by veteran trainer Frank Hynes, who’s spent 27 in public service across multiple sectors and changed roles multiple times.

For the past 10 years now Frank has been working as a trainer and mentor for Enterprise advisers, Education Officers and teachers within Teagasc, private agricultural consultants, and veterinary surgeons in private practice and the department of agriculture.

He brings with him his experience leading teams of people with diverse skill sets from different organisations on projects, and knowing well how to draw the best from people.

The JobChanger workshop will take place on Tuesday, September 11th at the Connacht Hotel from 9:30am to 5pm.

Places can be booked online with tickets starting at €200. Participants who book before August 31 can avail of a 25% discount.

A full prospectus for the course can be found on

For more information, call Frank at 087 283 2761 or email


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