Man pleads guilty to possession of €1,300 of heroin and concealed weapon

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A Terryland man was sentenced for multiple charges at Galway District Court this week including two counts of possession with intent to sell and possessing an edged weapon in a public place.

Valentin Fatu (37) of 1 Ross na Shee, Castlelawn Heights pleaded guilty to two counts of possession of a controlled substance with an intention to sell from last July and a knife charge

On July 3 of last year gardaí had reason to search Fatu on Seamus Quirke road where he was found to have 11 bags of heroin on his person.

Based on the drugs seized from his person, Gardaí executed a search on 74 Corrach Bui, Rahoon where Fatu was resident at the time.

During the search, gardaí found a further 18 bags of heroin, which it was determined were also for the purpose of sale.

The combined value of the heroin seized from Fatu that day was €1,3002.

A representative for Mr. Fatu said that he had difficulties with drug addiction which spiraled out of control when his partner passed away in 2016.

However Judge Fahy said his behaviour was destructive to others, regardless of his personal circumstances.

“He may have been an addict. But because he was continuously selling heroin I’m sure other people became addicts.”

Judge Fahy handed down a nine month sentence for the charge of possession with intent to sell on the 18 bags of heroin recovered from the property in Rahoon.

On the 11 bags of heroin found on Mr. Fatu’s person when he was searched on Seamus Quirke road, Judy Fahy gave Fatu a six month concurrent sentence.

Mr. Fatu was also before the court for the possession of an edged weapon which was discovered when he was searched after shoplifting at Dunnes Stores, Westside.

On May 18 of last year Fatu was caught shoplifting €14 worth of clothes from Dunnes Stores in Westside.

He was arrested and taken to Galway Garda station where a search by a garda officer turned up a concealed Stanley knife on his person.

He was charged with the unlawful possession of an edged weapon.

Judge Fahy said the court had to make it clear that it was unacceptable for people to carry concealed weapons.

“The courts must send a message. This man is not a juvenile. It’s not acceptable for anyone to carry a concealed weapon.”

For the weapons charge Fatu received a six month sentence consecutive to the nine months from the drugs charges.