Galway people encouraged to shop local this Christmas

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Pictured (L-R) at the launch for the #SupportLocal campaign – Avril Smith, Eyre Square Shopping Centre and Galway Chamber Retail Committee Member; Patricia Philbin, Galway City Council and Galway Chamber Board Member; Aengus Burns, Grant Thornton Ireland and President of Galway Chamber; Eveanna Ryan, Connacht Hospitality Group and Galway Chamber Board Member; and Brian Carey, Bank of Ireland and Galway Chamber Company Secretary.

A new campaign has been launched encouraging people in Galway to help the recovery of local businesses by shopping local this Christmas.

The campaign, launched by Galway City Council and Galway Chamber, will be featured extensively on iRadio and Galway Bay FM, with advertisements emphasising this message broadcast both stations.

With many businesses having been closed for considerable periods during the various lockdowns over the past two years, the campaign aims to remind shoppers of how they can help boost the local economy during the festive season.

Additionally, ahead of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Galway Chamber will be highlighting a range of exclusive offers made available by Galway businesses.

“By shopping local you are supporting local jobs, the local community and businesses,” said Director of Services for Economic Development in Galway City Council, Patricia Philbin.

“Given all that has happened this year it is so important that we all, as a community, show our support to Galway businesses.

“Remember these are the businesses that are employing our family and friends, our neighbours and colleagues, and perhaps even our customers.”

Ms Philbin said that the survival of these businesses has an impact on all of us, as we are all part of the local economy and the local circle of business in Galway.

“By spending in these local businesses we keep more of that investment within Galway,” she said.

“We all want to see a thriving array of businesses operating in Galway. By shopping local this Christmas we can all do our part in ensuring that continues to be the case.”

Aengus Burns, President of Galway Chamber, said that Christmas is such an important time for local businesses, with many of them earning a significant part of their annual sales during this period.

“It is even more vital this year given the difficult period many of these businesses have been through since the outset of the pandemic as lockdowns played havoc with their normal trading,” he said.

“That is why we are so keen to ensure the success of this campaign. By getting more people to shop local here in Galway we are not just helping businesses to recover and survive, but we are also helping ourselves.

“Keeping the money in our community means more local jobs, more investment and it supports the circle of local economic activity, allowing more local businesses to work with other local businesses.

“Ultimately this is good for Galway and we hope shoppers will remember that and embrace that principle in the run up to Christmas.”