Galway company FeverScanners helping businesses run safely in the time of COVID

Galway Daily business Galway company FeverScanners is helping businesses reopen safely

Businesses, offices and more have been hard at work in recent weeks to adapt in order to operate safely in the time of COVID-19, keeping staff and customers safe.

But before that can happen, there have to be plans and safety measures in place to ensure that the coronavirus doesn’t make a comeback when people are sharing office space and breathing the same air once again.

That will require not just a change in the way we think, and move, and work, but new office equipment to keep everyone safe from the virus.

FeverScanners is a Galway based company supplying products that will not only help businesses get back to normal in a safe manner, but can also help regular people be a little safer in their day to day lives.

The company was started by local businessman Liam Regan, in a story that has played out similarly across the country, as people saw this crisis unfolding and asked how they could contribute to the country’s response with the resources and skills at their disposal.

Most of our families are either involved in healthcare or health and safety, so we were surrounded by people seeing the problems first hand,” Liam says.

What he brought to the table is the experience and connections from his main company Caesol Ltd, which has almost 20 years experience in Engineering design, analysis, and manufacturing of products right through from the prototype stage through to full blown production.

That put them in an ideal position to quickly bring to the market specially designed COVID-19 products for businesses crying out for safety gear. 

We had worked on similar products in the past and we saw the need for dedicated workplace safety equipment to help the business to stay open over this difficult period.”

FaceAware temperature monitor from FeverScanners

Beyond just their experience with the skills involved in the design process, Liam had also built up a significant number of supplier contacts in multiple industries, “so we knew we could do it to a high standard and at a low cost,” he explains.

The hallmark of good design thinking is extensive research into just what your client needs, and before starting production on any goods, Liam says their research identified the main areas to focus on in order to prevent the spread of the virus: social distancing, surface contact avoidance, temperature screening, contact tracing and hand steriliser.

“From there we developed a product range to help implement each of these prevention strategies.” 

Their expanding range of products already include Temperature Scanners, including advanced models with face and mask recognition, a wearable monitor that alerts and records you when you break social distancing, and multiple devices to cut down on how much people put their hands on different surfaces.

Keeping your business safe

The flagship product at FeverScanners is the FaceAware Body Temperature Scanner. This non contact device is an easy way for employees to get their temperature checked when coming in and out of a building, with a notification if a person registers an abnormal temperature, as easy as clocking in and out of work.

The device also features inbuilt facial recognition for up to 30,000 people, as well as the ability to recognise if a person is wearing a mask, and automatic data logging which massively simplifies the process of contact tracing in the event of a positive COVID-19 diagnosis.

There is also the lower-cost FeverAware Temperature Scanner, which has less functionality, but has been put forward at a more affordable price than many other similar products to make it easily available to as many businesses as possible.

FeverAware temperature monitor from FeverScanners

Both of these are capable of being wall mounted or free standing, which Liam emphasises is about cutting down on the risk of cross contamination by not requiring a second person to perform the testing. 

Social distancing might sound simple, but ask yourself just how many times in the last day alone have you been well inside the recommended space without even noticing. Because you were distracted, or simply because it is such an alien practice to how we are used to living that it slips the mind.

SpaceAware is a wearable tag that can be attached to a work ID, or just worn around the neck, that has an option of alerting the wearer if it comes within two metres, or some other set distance, of another tag. It also records the ID and time of the tag it came in contact with for contact tracing when needed

It’s a simple way to remind people to keep their distance from one another in the office, even when distracted or run off their feet by work issues. It also comes with a replaceable built in battery that lasts for six months, removing the need for people to keep the thing charged.

But beyond the high-tech stuff FeverScanners also sells many simple, easily installed and used widgets that will help cut down on the amount of shared contact people have with surfaces that could allow the coronavirus to spread.

SurfaceAware foot door opener

These include a foot pedal sanitiser dispenser, since everyone is hitting the bottle together now (but in a good way), as well as a foot door pull so you won’t have to touch the handle.

FeverScanners also make antimicrobial brass pens, taking advantage of the alloy’s natural ability to kill off viruses and bacteria better than other surfaces. This is a small thing, but very handy considering that pens are some of the most shared items in an office. I write this guilty as a near-compulsive pen chewer.

Foot Pedal Sanitiser Dispenser

Supporting local business 

There’s a certain ugly poetry in the fact that even this service, meant to make it easier for businesses to operate smoothly and unimpeded by COVID-19, was affected by the incredible disruption the virus caused to supply chains and more the world over.

“Delays in components increased part costs, supplier closures, child care, remote meetings,” Liam says, listing off the many challenges to getting this business going, along with “loads of other things we took for granted made life very stressful for us, and I am sure every business,”

It was a very difficult time for businesses to operate. A set of circumstances which are completely unprecedented, even compared to the great crash of recent years.

But to Liam this just highlights the need to avoid a second wave, and not send the country back into lockdown, which could prove disastrous for businesses already on the brink.

“Many businesses in Galway and around the country were brought to their knees with this epidemic and it’s important we all help them get back up and running again and support local business”.

To do just that, for the next two weeks FeverScanners is offering a 5% discount to Galway customers, lasting until July 12. To get this discount just use the promo code GALWAYDAILY at the checkout online.

FeverScanners also has free shipping on all products, and a freephone number at 1800 938 765.

To check out the many products that can help your business return to work safely, go to


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