Galway company embracing four day work week

Galway Daily business One Galway company is moving to a four day work week
Photo:-Mike Shaughnessy

Looking for better ways to motivate, encourage and retain staff one Galway business is taking the step of introducing a four day work week.

The ICE Group in Galway, a recruitment, HR Outsourcing, and training company, is switching over to a four day work week in the belief that staff will be more energised and productive after a three day weekend.

“Adapting the workplace to the employees needs will empower your workforce and we know will improve productivity and output,” explained Margaret Cox Director of ICE Group.

“We know that a happier and valued workforce will result in a positive working environment and company growth.”

She added that a three day weekend will enable their staff to spend more time with the people they love and improve quality of life both in and out of the workplace.

Headquartered in Galway since being established in 1972, the ICE Group currently employs over 50 people across its offices here and in Dublin, Limerick, Sligo and Sydney.

The company works with a wide range of companies, including Irish businesses, public services, multinationals and overseas organisations.

The company said that it is making this decision on the back of research showing the benefits of a four day work week for both staff and their customers, with a slogan for this project of  ‘4-day work, 100% customer, the buy-in is 100%’.

Felim McDonnell, CEO of ICE Group said “The business we are in changes people’s lives.”

“We give our customers opportunities to change their lives, now we have found a way to change our employee’s lives.”

The four day week isn’t coming out of employees pockets either, with salaries unaffected by the change in schedule.

According to Felim McDonnell in the time since making the switch they’ve seen great employee positivity around how to spend their extra time, and an increasing number of people interested in working with ICE.

He added that the response from the clients has been just as positive. “They get that the service they receive from our team will enhance their own service requirements and consequently their profitability.”

“One or two have joked about when they could join us,” Mr McDonnell said.


photo: Mike Shaughnessy