Female entrepreneurship programme at University of Galway kicking into high gear

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A new initiative at University of Galway to nurture the next generation of female entrepreneurs is kicking into high gear, with recruitment underway.

IdeasLab, the entrepreneurial and innovation hub at University of Galway, is now actively recruiting for its new CreateHer programme.

This programme aims to further develop female focussed initiatives with a focus on creativity as a central tenet. 

To ensure that the initiative is coherent, fit for purpose and student centric IdeasLab has through a consultative process designed a programme that will be reviewed by an expert advisory group.

The CreateHER advisory group is co-chaired by Dr. Natalie Walsh and Jenny Mullery at IdeasLab, along with a wealth of successful female entrepreneurs, academics, and students, many of them alumni of University of Galway.

“CreateHER has been designed to provide a unique environment for our female students to develop and nurture their entrepreneurial selves,” Dr Walsh said.

“We know that our student entrepreneurs will learn best from each other and fellow female entrepreneurs across the globe.”

Based on this they have built a programme based on, “shared experiences, practical workshops and mentorship” to nurture future female entrepreneurs.

“We are excited to onboard our first intake later this month and share their journeys and successes in the future,” she added.

The advisory group includes Dr. Ellen Roche, Associate Professor at MIT, Lisa Regan MD of Lisa Regan Public Relations, and Dr. Helen Breen, who manages early stage investing at Atlantic Bridge venture capital fund. 

Elaine Mannion is the General Manager at the Abbey Theatre, Carol Joyce and Anna Hosty are co-owners of Yourells Hair Group and founders of The Hair Vitamin Company, and Dr Vanessa Creaven is co-founder and CEO at Spotlight Oral Care.

From the academic side at University of Galway are Professor Patrick Lonnergan, a member of the Royal Irish Academy, and student Karen Gillooly, a former IdeasLab intern. 

In addition to the advisory board, the University has partnered with WestBIC to deliver aspects of the programme.  

WestBIC provides tailored, high-level support to entrepreneurs to convert their innovative ideas into a commercial reality. 

They are supporting CreateHER with mentorship and host events and workshops during the programme.