Deadline extended for Local Property Tax returns

Galway Daily business Deadline extended for Local Property Tax returns

The deadline for filing local property tax rates has been extended into the middle of next week by the Revenue Commissioners.

Property owners did have until Sunday, November 7 to file their local property tax returns, but this has now been extended to Wednesday, November 10.

This is because this year is the first revaluation for LPT since it was first introduced over eight years ago.

More than a quarter of a million returns have been filed in the past three days alone, for a total of more than one million properties.

Over 80,000 calls have been made to the Revenue Commissioners’ helpline for LPT issues this week, and more than 15,000 written enquiries have been received, which is expected to continue at a high level.

“With this high level of engagement expected to continue to increase further in the coming days, it is clear that property owners are making every effort to fully comply with their LPT obligations,” a Revenue spokesperson said.

According to the Revenue some €73 million in Local Property Tax has already been paid, with arrangements made for a further €273 million in payments.

“LPT requires property owners to submit a return to Revenue and we are very conscious that this can cause a degree of worry and stress for property owners who do not have a reason to engage directly with Revenue on an ongoing basis.”

“Revenue is also very conscious that this is the first revaluation for LPT since it was first introduced over 8 years ago.”

“In light of this and having regard to the fact that the return filing deadline falls on Sunday, Revenue has extended the LPT Return filing deadline to 5 pm next Wednesday,  10 November 2021.”

The Revenue says that the easiest way for people to file their Local Property Tax return is online, via the myAccount, ROS or the LPT online Portal.

Of those who have already filed their LPT returns, more than 90% have done so online.

To assist property owners who may not be able to access or use its online services or who need additional support to meet their compliance obligations, Revenue also announced that its LPT Helpline (01 7383626) will remain open to November 10.