Tadhg’s ill-advised revelations rock the boat in Ros na Rún

Tadhg's ill-advised revelations rock the boat in Ros na Rún

A devil’s bargain, the snooping Superintendent, some regrettable shenanigans from Tadhg, and much more in Ros na Rún this week.

Sonia tries to get a good deal on one of the modular homes Sonny is selling, as she thinks that what’s best for her, Mack, and Sam. What could go wrong?

O’Shea is less than impressed to see Tomás, Diana’s father and the Chief Superintendent, snooping around in her business. Has someone had a word in his ear?

Annette wants to keep her job in the café, so she puts her all into impressing Berni. But is it enough?

Noreen is far from pleased with Tadhg’s shenanigans and tells him he may live to regret his ‘Fear Feasa’ posts. Surely not.

Caitríona tries to manipulate Annette to support her at the upcoming board meeting, with uncertain success.

Catch all the latest manipulation, snooping, and relationship drama in Ros na Rún on TG4 this Sunday at 7:30pm.