Suspicions abound at Malachaí’s attitude in Ros na Rún

Suspicions about at Malachaí's attitude in Ros na Rún

Rory is suspicious of Malachaí’s attitude, Vera’s spying overhears something useful, and Tadhg stands his ground in Ros na Rún.

Sadie is all excited about a meeting Niall organized today, which could lead to her  getting a placement on ‘Pablo Bellucci’s” residency in Italy.

Malachaí is not at all  happy about this, and does all he can to stop her from attending.

Vera, through her spy cam, over hears a snippet of information that could be  detrimental to Berni and David, but prove very useful to her.

Tadhg refuses to take part in ‘Béar na Bliana”. Will Noreen manage to persuade  him otherwise? 

Rory, knowing Malachaí is interested in purchasing Sonny’s land, to build modular homes, makes Sonny a more attractive offer.

Manus, although peeved with John Joe, but not wanting to see him in pain, provides medical care to him. Will this bring the two closer again?

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