Secrets lives, Sabotage and Spy Cameras in Ros na Rún

Secrets lives, Sabotage and Spy Cameras in Ros na Rún

Vera watches Berni from her spy camera, sabotage nearly has deadly effects in a fire, and John Joe has a serious health scare in Ros na Rún.

John Joe, not feeling well as it is, nearly gives himself a heart attack at work. But will the stubborn man see a doctor before it’s too late.

Vera, while spying on Berni through her hidden camera, ends up saving her life for a burning house.

But things take a twist when Berni discovers the batteries were removed from her smoke alarm.

Berni immediately blames Réailtín for nearly getting her killed. Vera knows otherwise, but will clear Réailtín if it means coming clean about her spying?

Cáitríona continues her charade of living in her car, while secretly checking into a hotel. But unbeknownst to her, she’s been spotted. But by whom?

Sonny and Rory forge ahead with their deal to build modular homes much to Tadhg and Malachai’s dismay. 

Mack finally sees a therapist and is glad he did, for the sake of his and Sonia’s  relationship. But should he have acted sooner? 

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