Ros na Rún – What Che gonna do about it?

Galway Daily television Ros na Rún - What Che gonna do about it?

Sonny and Crystal have mixed reactions to their son’s arrival, Caitríona is doing detective work, and John Joe keeps schtum in Ros na Rún.

Crystal and Sonny have mixed reactions to their son Che arriving in Ros na Rún, but will the young man even want to stay?

Sorcha has a lot of nerves to get over when it comes to her classes; guilt for accepting Michelle’s money, and first time jitters when she steps in front of the group.

Detective Caitríona is determined to find out exactly how her great uncle died, and thinks Tadhg might have the information she needs.

But is Tadhg’s family even closer to the death than just knowing something about it?

John Joe, afraid of upsetting his Manus, keeps schtum about shooting his son with a BB gun, but how will that play out if the truth comes out?

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