Ros na Rún – Mack’s day in court finally arrives

Ros na Rún - Mack's day in court finally arrives

Mack’s big day in court arrives, Sorcha comes clean to Sadie and the two are at each others throats, and Laoise and Mícheál big day approaches in Ros na Rún.

Sadie is still under Malachaí’s thumb and blames Cóilí Jackie for locking Malachaí  in the shed.

Sorcha’s guilt grows and she confesses to Sadie. The rift between the two erupts when Malachaí fires Sadie, but Sorcha strikes a nerve in their argument.

Mack is up in court and terrified. What’s worse, he doesn’t have a lawyer, and Garda Diana is the trying to give him advice. How will Mack plead?

Tensions between Diana and Tomás continue. She is allowed back to work but is being kept under close watch. Not that it stops her from planning with Frankie. But planning what?

Laoise accidentally hires Máire to sing at her wedding, while Bobbie Lee is gunning for fame and also auditions for the chance to sing on the big day.

John Joe and O’Shea are under pressure to find a home for themselves, and end getting frustrated with each. Not that Tadgh is helping with the constant ribbing.

Catch up on two episodes of Ros na Rún this week in a double feature omnibus this Sunday on TG4.