Respected American travel journalist films new travel programme in Galway

alway daily news tourism ireland and us journalist in connemara for tv show
Ruth Moran, Tourism Ireland; American travel journalist Peter Greenberg; and Joe Joyce, Joyce Country Sheepdogs, during filming of a sheepdog demonstration at Loch na Fooey in Connemara. gPic – Tourism Ireland

Respected American travel journalist Peter Greenberg has travelled to Galway for a new travel programme called Hidden Ireland which will air on US television.

The programme will be broadcast during prime time on PBS (Public Broadcasting Service) later this year, showcasing Connemara to millions of people across the United States.

As well as PBS, the programme will also air on a number of online streaming platforms and digital channels – including Amazon Prime, Apple TV and YouTube.

Peter will share short ‘teaser’ videos in the run-up to the broadcast on his own platform and with his 380,000+ fans and followers across his social media pages.

Peter, who was invited by Tourism Ireland, has been shooting great content with his film crew at Joyce Country Sheepdogs in Connemara.

During his time here, Peter is also recording a three-hour radio show, called Eye on Travel, which will air on CBS Radio.

Tourism Ireland has arranged for Peter to interview a range of personalities for the show – including artists, actors, chefs, historians, storytellers and tourism industry operators.

Alison Metcalfe, Tourism Ireland’s Head of North America, said: “Tourism Ireland was delighted to invite respected American travel journalist Peter Greenberg to come and film his new travel programme, ‘Hidden Ireland’.

“The programme will be seen by millions of people across the United States and is a wonderful opportunity to shine a spotlight on some of the many things to see and do in Ireland.

“Peter’s radio show, ‘Eye on Travel’, is also another great way to highlight Ireland to listeners across the US.”

She said that publicity and broadcasts like this are a key element of our programme of activity, “to encourage travellers in the United States to put Ireland on their holiday wish-list for this year and beyond.”

The United States is the second-largest market for visitor numbers to the island of Ireland. In 2019, Ireland welcomed 1.7 million US American visitors to the island of Ireland.