Inis Mór features in energetic new TG4 series

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Inis Mór features in a new series on TG4 Player which takes audiences on an epic adventure across the four corners of Ireland.

Barragram features a wealth of young contributors, stunning locations and heart-pounding activities where energetic presenter Barra Ó hÉineacháin becomes half man, half GoPro, to capture all the mayhem and Instagram snaps.

The series takes viewers on a wild ride through Ireland’s most breathtaking locations, paragliding off a cliff in Kerry, sailing in Donegal, and sea-stack climbing as well as snorkelling with grey seals in Galway.

For the charismatic Barra, it isn’t all about the adrenaline rush, it’s also about the connections formed along the way.

In each episode, he meets local young people who share their unique perspectives and insider tips, creating a vibrant tapestry of sustainable tourism and zany fun. Always engaging the audience with his sense of fun, Barra also involves the filming crew whenever possible.

In Cork, Barra convinces cameraman Aaron to dive off a bridge as part of a thrilling speedboat ride around Cobh. We see soundman Adrian skiing down the mountain with his boom in Dublin, while in Donegal, Máire joins Barra on a stunning sunrise kayak island trip.

Director Moya Rogers said that she wanted to capture the essence of the fun a crew can have while filming.

“We were so lucky with our amazing team with Adrian, Aaron, Brian and particularly Máire being so happy to be on screen,” she said.

“We managed to get our content quite quickly due to the authentic way in which we filmed with contributors also. This allowed us to attack a scene and move onto a new location quite swiftly and of course this dynamism comes down to how natural a presenter Barra is himself.

“Not everyone can immerse themselves into a scene so genuinely and with so much energy. I’m delighted our series also captured the beauty of the places we visited.  We promise to immerse viewers in a whirlwind of adventure, culture and exhilaration in a way that resonates with a young audience, and plunges them right into the action.”

Commenting on his first series of presenting, Barra said he had unbelievable craic with the crew and all the people they met across Ireland.

“I loved every second of it from all the whopper accommodation and delicious food to the adrenaline pumping moments of jumping off mountains in Kerry and climbing sea stacks in Donegal. The show is full of high-energy banter in every scene and you can really see the fun we all had making it.

“I’m so grateful for all the people that helped make it along the way and there is just pure love and happiness shining through every scene.”

The 6-part half-hour travel series for TG4 is available to watch on TG4 player at