Has Diana Gone Too Far? A Point of No Return in Ros na Rún

Galway Daily television To kill or not to kill? That is the big question in Ros na Rún

Has Diana gone too far? Bobbi Lee is left with a difficult decision, and is there a light at the end of the tunnel for Sonia & Colm in Ros na Rún.

As Frankie’s body is wheeled out of Tigh Thaidgh, Mack and Tadhg are left stunned.
However, Tadhg and Mack also have some questions for Diana, and summon her to the crime scene.

Diana maintains a cool composure but is panicking internally when she realizes that Tadhg is onto her. Will she be able to cover her tracks, or is the truth about to come out?

Bobbi Lee and Niall’s relationship is hanging on by a thread. Meanwhile, Colm informs Niall about the rumours that he had connections to Frankie. But when Bobbi Lees overhears Niall denying this, her growing resentment towards him is fueled.

Bobbi Lee is left with a difficult decision. Will she remain in her failing marriage or is it time to take matters into her own hands?

Things are icy between Colm and Sonia after getting their wires crossed and Sonia becomes even more frustrated when Colm won’t stop making a fuss over her.

However, Colm’s hope is restored after a conversation with David and he knows exactly what he needs to do. Is there a light at the end of the tunnel for Colm and Sonia?

Crystal goes from feeling nervous after learning that Cam has been released from prison to being relieved to know he does not want his parents to visit him yet.

Meanwhile, the Derranes are busy as today is the Modular Homes launch and Crystal remains on the fence about coming clean to her family. However, a surprise visitor shows up to the launch. Is all havoc about to reign?  

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