Galway arts programme Samhlú 2020 wins big at Celtic Media Festival

Galway arts programme Samhlú 2020 wins big at Celtic Media Festival

At this week’s Celtic Media Festival awards the Torc for Arts Programme went to Tommy Tiernan’s magical Samhlú 2020 in Galway.

This arts programme on TG4, and produced by Fibin Media, saw Roundstone come alive with a celebration of togetherness inspired by the artistic ventures of 2020, a year like no other in memory.

Led by Tommy Tiernan, a bringer of light and storyteller, with new music by Bill Whelan, the town erupted into performances from every artform, where doorsteps, piers and chipper vans become stages.

TG4 Ardstiúrthóir Alan Esslemont congratulated the winning entry saying that, “As well as meeting the needs of the domestic audience, TG4 content is now accessible globally.”

“It is particularly rewarding to see our content stand up to competition from the best programmes from our peers in the Celtic media industries.”

The Celtic Media Festival (CMF) is one of the most prestigious and long-established in these islands and is held each year, rotating between venues in the various Celtic nations and regions.

It combines a three-day media conference that attracts broadcasters, producers, media and students with a competition across the full range of Film, TV, Radio and new media content genres.

This year’s Festival is taking place in Quimper in France. Samhlú 2020 is available to view on TG4’s player here:ú2020