For whom do the wedding bells toll in Ros na Rún?

Galway Daily television For whom do the wedding bells toll in Ros na Rún?

A marriage conspiracy surrounds Conall, Sonia seeks distraction burying herself in work, and Sonny wears out his welcome in Ros na Rún.

Bobbi Lee questions Conall on why he’s wearing a wedding ring and when  told it is not his, she insists he place it in the lost and found.

Will Conall own up, and confess that he does indeed own the ring, or go down a more convoluted path to try and keep her out of his business?

Sonny is well aware that he and Crystal are wearing out their welcome at Vince’s apartment. But with nowhere else to go, he hatches a plan to let them stay a little longer.

Sonia, wanting to distract herself from Mack, concentrates on work, and is especially interested in the story Caitríona was investigating before her demotion.

Is this going to prove a welcome distraction, or will it just result in further heartache for here?

John Joe, worried about O’Shea’s romantic plans for later on in the  evening, asks Manus for help. But what can he really do?

Catch up on all the latest taking place in Ros na Rún in a double feature this Sunday on TG4.