Facing the fire and fury in new season of Ros na Rún

Ros na Rún blazes its way back onto the screen

Fire puts a family in jeopardy, Berni takes refuge from her fears, and Diana is coaching a patsy for her crimes in Ros na Rún when the hit show returns next month.

The Daly’s house is on fire, with all of their men in danger. Can someone call the emergency services in time to stop the fire from spreading.

Berni takes refuge in Micheál’s and he takes the opportunity to share a health scare with her. He wants his secret kept from Laoise and Réailtín. Can Bernie allay his fears?   

Afterwards, Berni braves her fears and returns to the apartment to celebrate baby Lenora’s birthday. Can she finally relax?

Mack has turned himself in and Garda Diana, covering her own tracks, is leading him up the garden path to an underserved prison cell. Is this the end for Mack? 

Annette is leading a campaign to prevent Caitriona’s return as manager to Raidio Pobail, but just how much support does she have?

Catch all the drama from the opening of the new season of Ros na Rún when it returns to the Irish airwaves on September 5 & 7, with a double feature omnibus on TG4 on Sunday, September 10.