A relationship on the rocks in Ros na Run

A relationship on the rocks in Ros na Run

A relationship on the rocks, Malachaí’s true colours revealed, and Mack’s cocaine problem spirals in Ros na Rún.

Malachaí falls for Sadie and Greg’s trap and his true colors are revealed. Is this the end of the road for the two?

John Joe’s relationship with O’Shea is troubled by his embarrassment at being looked on as an invalid who needs constant help from his partner.

Manus know that those two go well together, and tries all that he can to keep them going strong. But will he succeed?

Caitríona is not best pleased that Sonia is now calling the shots at the radio, but soon realises there may be advantages in not having to make managerial decisions anymore.

Mack’s cocaine problem is causing havoc not only to his personal life, but also his business. Will he see the light before it is too late?

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