Ros na Rún: Berni deals with a shock pregnancy

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Berni gets the shock of her life from a pregnancy test, Sonia tries to get Pádraig to stay, and Niall feels jilted as Valentines approaches in Ros na Rún.

An annoyed Sonia takes matters into her own hands to stop Pádraig from leaving Ros na Rún.

She wants Pádraig to stay to be a father to Sam, and goes to Katy with a plan up her sleeve to make this happen.

Will Sonia sway Katy, and will this plan succeed, or will it push Pádraig away for good?

Berni is not feeling in a jovial mood, and decides to take a pregnancy test when she realises what might be behind her humours.

When it proves positive, she’s thrown into a spin. When will Berni decide to broach the news with Brian, and what might his reaction be?

With Valentine’s Day approaching, Niall is certainly not feeling the love.

With Nathan’s recent operation, and Bobbi Lee nursing him back to health, Niall is feeling slightly on the periphery. 

Will Bobbi Lee’s attention towards Nathan push this relationship to the edge?

Catch all of this on Ros na Rún this evening at 8:30pm on TG4, with a double billing on Sunday for those who want to catch up on what happened earlier in the week.