Joke Pedalers: A Comedy Club On Wheels

Joke Pedalers: A Comedy Club On Wheels

We’ve all seen them, large groups of tourists or hens & stag parties on the Pedal Powered bikes, cycling around our beautiful city, listening to loud music, having a good time and thought “those lucky feckers”. Well now it’s our turn to have fun.

It’s Galway’s newest form of comedy entertainment. On wheels. With three pedal-powered bikes: “Big Berta” (14 seats) “Pink Princess” (14 seats) & “The Bug Bike” (5 seats).

A comedian accompanies each bike, keeping you entertained as you cycle. There are three stops for refreshments and stand up comedy so you won’t get two tyred.

Comedians switch bikes after every pit stop so you don’t get saddled with the same old joke pedaler for hours and they can recycle their jokes.

Ok, enough cycling puns. It’s easy to book, just like riding a horse.

Joke Pedalers is brought to you by Roisín regulars Joe Rooney, Joe Dowlin & Karl Spain. Each side splitting experience lasts for 90 minutes.

There are two shows taking place on Thursday, May 27. The evening show at 7pm is already sold out, but there are still tickets up for grabs for the 9pm show.

Tickets cost €50 per person, and include a drink at each comedy pitstop (see the bar menu for details). If you don’t drink alcohol, a selection of soft drinks are also available.

For more information and to book your tickets go to