Galway girl wins first prize in Draw Our Heroes art competition

galway daily news draw our heroes winner from galway

Galway girl Liadh Duane has won first prize in the 9-12 years age category of the Draw our Heroes art competition for her beautiful portrait of what she describes as an ‘anonymous hero’.

Over 1,600 entries were received for the competition which aimed to celebrate the many different professions and people who are bravely working to bring Ireland safely through the pandemic.

The competition was first announced in April last year during the onset of the first lockdown, and it centred on the theme ‘everyone is a hero in their own right’.

The entries included portraits of parents and family members working in the front lines or from home to keep everyone safe, grandparents, politicians and other public servants, and other important community members that included our frontline medical, emergency and security personnel as well as retail and other essential service providers.

Entries were also submitted with a written piece outlining why the artwork highlights this hero and what makes them so special.

Speaking about her work, winner of the 9-12 years age category Liadh Duane said that during these surreal times, we are all heroes.

“The stitches symbolise the fact that even though we may feel like we are falling apart, each one of us has the capability of being strong and when this is all over, our fictional stitches will heal and we will recover, little by little,” said Liadh.

“My portrait doesn’t represent a specific person or career. I feel that my character is an anonymous hero, much like us all. The rainbow represents joy and unity among us.”

RTÉ broadcaster Joe Duffy and ceramic artist Olga Fitzpatrick sat on the panel of judges for this exciting competition and presented the awards to the winning entries.

Celebrated artist Graham Knuttel also sat on the judging panel.