Lack of active travel options to blame for number of cars on road says PBP rep

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People Before Profit has said that local government failures are to blame for the number of private cars in the country.

Figures from motoring websites shows the number of private cars in Ireland now stands at nearly 2.5 million, according to the party.

PBP Galway representative Adrian Curran said that the figures showcase the failures of local government to provide active travel options.

“The number of private vehicles on the roads is truly a testament of the failures of governments to provide safe, reliable, public and active transport solutions for getting to work, to shops, and for recreation,” said Mr Curran.

“With the government hoping to add another million electric vehicles to the roads, People Before Profit would much rather see a modal shift to public transport and active transport, such as walking and cycling.”

Pointing to the success in Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council, Curran said that with the new cycleway there, the number of bikes has outnumbered vehicles.

There are also more women cycling and local businesses have experienced an increase of almost 40% in footfall.

“This completely contradicts the fears we were told of when the Salthill Cycleway was cancelled,” he said.

“Galway City Council could deep retrofit all social houses in Galway, provide everyone in Galway with an e-bike, and install a solar farm large enough to power the county for the same price as the proposed N6 bypass.

“People don’t need more roads; they need more safe, accessible and reliable alternatives to driving.”