Green light for coffe shop in vacant West End unit

Galway Daily news Green light for coffe shop in vacant West End unit
Photo: Pexels/Quang anh ha nguyen

Galway City Council has given the green light for a vacant store in the city’s west end to be converted into a new coffee shop.

Planning permission has been granted to change the use of the ground floor of a former taxi centre at William Street West from retail to a coffee shop.

The plans do not propose to add seating and tables to the unit for serving customers, and no cooking is intended to take place on site.

The planning report for the application states that the unit has been vacant for a number of years, with multiple expressions of interest made in regards to opening a coffee shop there.

“This demand is indicative of the coffee market and relative shortage of coffee shops in the west end of the city, compared to the city centre,” it states.

“Moreover, the proposed change of use will result in the revitalisation of an underutilised vacant city centre commercial unit.”

A retail offering of pre-baked goods and confectionery will complement the sale of coffee in the store.

Planning permission for the project was granted by the city council with twelve conditions attached.

One condition of the planning permission states that no cooking facilities shall be included, cooking, or baking may take place on site.