Galway-Dublin train services failing environment and residents


A Social Democrats Candidate for Galway City has said that the lack of available train services between Galway and Dublin is a major misstep in the fight against climate change. 

Eibhlín Seoighthe said that with global sustainability at the forefront, the lack of trains and carriages between two of Ireland’s major cities stands out as an ‘ecological and social misstep’.

“Urging people to opt for public transport to reduce their carbon footprint is at odds with the inadequate train services between Galway and Dublin.”

Eibhlín Seoighthe said that residents and visitors alike demand better, and that enhanced train services would not only alleviate road traffic but would also support those choosing greener transport methods.

“We also urgently need provisions for bicycles on these trains to encourage multimodal commuting and further promote sustainable travel,” she said.

The party’s sitting city councillor, Alan Curran, added that Galway’s future hinges on sustainable choices. 

“Our current train system is outdated and environmentally unfriendly. We must rectify this, and soon.”