Bulmers binge – 2000 cans recovered at dumping black spot

Galway Daily news 2,000 cans recovered from dumping black spot in rosscahill

Galway county council has said that is it investigating after a massive amount of cans were recovered at an illegal dumping spot near Rosscahill.

A team from the county council recovered approximately 2,000 cans from a site at Letter, Rosscahill at a cleanup this week.

The council has said that a full investigation has been launched into the dumping incident.

Galway county council has asked that people report any instances of dumping in their area by calling the council’s Environment Section on 091-509510 or by email to environment@galwaycoco.ie.

Illegal dumping has become a hot topic in Galway county and city lately as the spotlight has been put on a people mistreating our public lands.

A protest was held outside the monthly meeting of the city council on Monday calling for the creation of dedicated park wardens to clean up Terryland Forest Park and Menlo Park.

Environmentalist Brendan Smith with photos of litter in Galway’s parks

A recent community cleanup at Terryland Forest Park removed 59 bin bags of rubbish in one two hour period.

Concerns have also been expressed about a dumping black spot in Gort right beside the river.

There sheer volume of waste being dumped there has raised speculation that it could the result an organised operation.